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Wills & Estates Law

Anyone with property, a spouse, or children should have a Will. The law states that if you die without a Will, all property and money is divided equally among your spouse and children, and decisions relating to who will look after your children are made without your input. These choices are too big and too personal to be left up to the courts. Susan Robertson advises clients on how to draft a Will that will not be hobbled by the legal system in the event of the unexpected happening.

When you’re ready to prepare your Will, Susan will discuss with you the provisions that you would like included in the Will. She will make a special effort to assist in Will preparation so that the needs of each family member are taken into account, ensuring your family will have money available for their education and to sustain their livelihoods.

Susan will also discuss with you the benefits of making personal directives and assigning the power of attorney. She can also assist you in the preparation of these types of documents, as well as legitimizing them through her notary service.


Preparing Your Living Will?

Contact the office to ensure your interests are represented.

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